A Cascading Concrete Residence

Three distinct geometric concrete volumes make up this single-family residence in Confignon, Switzerland - the latest residential offering by Swiss practice Localarchitecture.

Situated in a town on the outskirts of Geneva within an elongated hillside plot, the newly-built house fills the site completely. Its three volumes are placed in line, one after the other in descending order, following the land's gentle slope. Made out of sturdy structural concrete, the three parts vary in height and can be distinguished by their double-sloped roofs, each one opening up at the sides towards the property's garden.

The middle volume hosts the living room and kitchen areas, with a guest room attached to the top level on its northwest side. A utility core of bathrooms and storage separates them. On a different level sunken underneath is the house's master bedroom. Down the other end, linked by a second bathroom and storage core, is the third volume, which houses the children's bedrooms. Corridors unite all spaces, wrapping the building along both sides.

The house's robust build not only creates a striking outline within its residential neighbourhood; it also protects the residents from noise pollution from the nearby street. At the same time, its large openings further enhance the light and transparent interior, featuring concealed storage, white walls and polished concrete floors. Pinewood window frames accentuate the link between interiors and outdoors.
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